Unlock a phone: the IMEI code


Unlock a phone: the IMEI code
Little known to the general public, the IMEI is a code unique to each cell phone. Intervening in various procedures related to security and the overall operation of the telephone, it is very useful in several major situations. Knowing where to find it and knowing it are therefore important.

What is the IMEI code?
The IMEI is an acronym that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. In French, this can be translated as Identité Internationale d’Equipement Mobile. In other words, it is therefore a unique number that identifies mobile equipment. This is the equivalent of a license plate for cars or an identity card for individuals.

Each mobile phone therefore has a unique IMEI consisting of 15 to 17 digits which reveal various important information about the device:

The first two digits indicate the country of manufacture
The next six digits represent the serial number
The last digit is a passcode and therefore serves as a security key.
IMEI code: what is it for?
The IMEI code is involved in carrying out various actions. To begin with, it is used to block a cell phone. In the event of loss or theft, it prevents the use of the device by malicious people and preserves the confidentiality of the data stored there. To do this, simply contact your operator’s customer service immediately and provide the IMEI code of the lost phone so that it is rendered unusable.
If you have instead been the victim of a theft, immediately file a complaint with a police station or the gendarmerie. The officer will ask you for your IMEI code so that it can be noted on the report. Once the report is in hand, send a copy to your operator. The IMEI code will then be entered on the list of lost or stolen phones and the device will be blocked.

But the IMEI code can also be useful when you want to buy a used phone. To avoid buying a stolen phone, just search online with the device’s IMEI code. If it is not on the file for stolen smartphones, then you can close the deal.
Finally, the IMEI code is also used to unlock a cell phone. Indeed, when you buy a smartphone with a package from an operator, this device can only work on its network: we talk about simlocking. In order to be able to use the device with a SIM card from another network, you must provide the IMEI code to the operator so that they can provide you with an unlock code. With this code, you can change operator and use your phone normally.

How to find your IMEI code?
There are four main ways you can find your phone’s IMEI code:

In order to be able to react quickly in the event of a problem, it is strongly recommended that you write down the IMEI code of your phone in a safe place.

Dial * # 06 # on the device. The IMEI code will automatically display on the screen. This is the easiest method
Check the box for the device or its battery. Some manufacturers like Apple mention the IMEI code there.
Look on the purchase invoice of your mobile device
Call your operator. This is the ultimate solution if you don’t have the device, invoice, or packaging in your possession. A customer advisor can, after verifications, communicate the IMEI code to you directly.

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